PRP Hair Treatment

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), is a treatment method of taking a small dose of the patient's blood and obtaining a rich plasma from the platelets then using this plasma for the treatment. Platelets are very rich in growth factors. The plasma with rich growth factors that are obtained from concentrating platelets, is used for stopping hair loss and regaining the lost hair.

Popularly known as stem-cell therapy, PRP treatment can also be used for preventing hair loss. Moreover, it can be used during and after the hair transplant for quick healing of the transplant area and for healthy and quick growth of hair. In hair transplant, it is applied at the first session, then we recommend four more sessions on a monthly basis.

PRP hair treatment will be scheduled as three sessions, once a month. It is recommended to be repeated with four months intervals in a year. For people with severe hair loss, it is applied with mesotherapy as a special treatment.

PRP sessions take 35-40 minutes including the preparations.

Who can not benefit from PRP treatment?