Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

It is a method of injecting a cocktail made up of certain proportions of medicine, vitamins and hair growth agents into the hair roots, to stop the hair loss, regaining lost hair or strengthening the hair.

Mesotherapy is a classical treatment method that enables us to treat the problematic area without affecting the whole body, by injecting small doses of medicine only to the target area. This treatment method have being used in dermatology field for many years. Dr. Serafettin Saracoglu also uses this method to create different cocktails for various hair loss problems.

In mesotherapy for hair loss, the cocktails are injected into the skin using special needles. It should be applied once a week for the first four sessions, then once in two weeks for the next four sessions and then once a month. Using the recommended hair care products at home improves your results.

What should I expect from Mesotherapy for Hair Loss?

Mesotheraphy stops hair loss in the first month. After the first month, the hair grows stronger. Generally, the desired results are achieved in three months. It is recommended to continue mesotherapy sessions on a monthly basis for lasting results.

Who can benefit from mesotherapy for hair loss?

Everyone who has healthy or problematic hair can benefit from mesotherapy. The hair problems that can be improved by mesotherapy:

Who can not benefit from mesotherapy for hair loss?

Pregnant women, people who use blood thinners, are overly sensitive to the medicine used in mesotherapy, experience hair loss above a certain level, has cancer or has inflammations on the area that will receive the mesotherapy treatment.