Manual Or Micro Motor

Manual Or Micro Motor

In follicular unit extraction (FUE) method, there are two ways for extracting the hair roots from the donor area.

The roots are extracted by an injection needle, which the surgeon applies to the skin by turning. The roots are extracted by a turning injection needle powered by a micro motor. In this method, the surgeon can completely focus on extracting the hair roots according to their growth directions and does not have to turn the needle.

Process for implanting the roots remains the same.

There are no researches that compare the results obtained by two methods. The information contained on the internet consists of personal opinions of surgeons and other parties. The cost of the first method is lower, thus can be said to be more advantageous for the surgeon who needs to treat less patients to cover his/her expenses.

However, the most important part is not the method but how experienced the surgeon is. Like all other handcraft, the only condition for achieving satisfactory results is for the surgeon to have good manual skills. In our hair transplant center, micro-motor operated hair transplant method is used.

Advantages of Micro-Motor

The transplant process can be done much faster. More than 4.000 grafts can be transplanted in one session. In manual method, depending on the surgeon, the process takes 2-3 sessions. The process will be less successful for the patients who prefer micro-motor method.

In addition, in this method, the hair will be outside the body for a very short while, this may provide better hair growth.

In micro-motor method, treatment takes 60-70% less time.