Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Using FUE Method in 12 Steps

%50 of the patients have pattern hair loss, which is also known as androgenetic hair loss. Hair transplant is the permanent solution for hair loss. Aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Taner Korkut, who has been working in our clinic for 20 years, and his team have been successfully doing hair transplant operations. Our team uses the FUE method for hair transplant. Thanks to the cold serum and the special hair transplant method that takes the hair geometry into consideration, the results are highly satisfying.

In FUE or "Follicular Unit Extraction" method, the follicular units are extracted from the nape area, where hair follicles are strong, and transplanted into the hairless area. The steps in the treatment process are as follows:

1.Appointment: Dr. Taner Korkut examines the area that will be treated and the quality of hair and informs the patient about expected results.

2.Laboratory analysis: Blood is tested to ensure the patient is suitable for surgery. Suitable patients continue to the next step.

3.Photographing: Before the surgery, transplant area and donor area are photographed in different angles.

4.Sketching: Transplant area is sketched and transplant process is planned. At this step, the doctor creates a transplant plan suitable for the patient's hair problem while taking patient's wishes and expectations into consideration.

5.Anesthetizing the transplant area: A special local anesthetizing agent is applied to the transplant area and the donor area.

6.Opening channel: A channel is opened first to implant the roots as quickly as possible.

7.Extracting hair roots with FUE methods: The hair roots that will be transplanted are extracted on by one, using micro-punches with diameter of 0,7 mm and sterilized inside serums that are cooled with ice.

8.Hair transplant: The roots that are extracted are planted one by one inside the channels that have been opened. PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is injected to the transplant area to ensure that the roots are implanted securely and to speed up the process. The medicine that should be used is given to the patient.

9.Dressing: After the operation, the donor area is covered with dressing and the patient is taken to his home or his hotel to rest.

10.Examination on the first day: Dressing is removed, the area is cleaned and then evaluated by Dr. Taner Korkut and his team. In most cases, the area is not covered with dressing again, but instead left open.

11.Washing the hair: After the transplant, the hair is washed for the first time at the clinic, then it is explained to the patient how to wash his hair for the next 10 days and the hair products the patient should use are given to him.

12.Examination and monitoring: In the 1st, 3rd and 6th month, the patients, who are able to come to the clinic, should come for an examination, the ones who are not able to come should send photos.