Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey

► Online Consultation
After you send the photos of your hair taken from the sides, the top and the back, the doctor examines them and informs you about a suitable operation plan.
To submit your photos, you can use WhatsApp or our contact form.

► Creating an Appointment
When you decide to have hair transplant in our clinic, you can create an appointment by calling us.

► Transportation and Accommodation
For the patients coming outside of Turkey, a transport service is offered between the airport, their hotel and the clinic and, we can also make a reservation in a hotel for you.

► 1st Day: Consultation and Blood Test
At the first day, the doctor examines the patient and the necessary tests are done.

► 2nd Day: Hair Transplant Operation
The second day, the hair transplant operation, which can take approximately 6 hours, is done under local anesthesia.
After the operation, the necessary care routines and drugs are recommended and explained by the doctor.

► 3rd Day: Dressing and PRP
The day after the operation, the patient comes to the clinic for PRP treatment and dressing.
After PRP, the dressing is removed and the area is sterilized.
Then the instructions and the proper hair washing method is explained to the patient.