No, we don't have any agreement with the health insurance institutions for the services offered in our clinic.

Women may need hair transplant due to hair loss caused by alopecia areata, or hair treatments for hair loss or weakening hair.

In our clinic, we offer hair transplant and hair treatment services for our women patients.

First, you need to make an appointment by contacting us.

If you reside outside Istanbul or in another country, you can send photos of your hair taken from the sides, the top and the back for pre-examination. After the examination, our coordinators will contact you for information regarding the next steps. For detailed information, you can check our hair transplant service page.

Yes, after the operation, you will be given a certificate of warranty that also contains information about the operation you underwent. The transplanted hair is covered by the warranty unless you have a health condition or receive a treatment that causes hair loss.

We provide hotel reservations, transportation service and an interpreter for the patients coming abroad.

Hair transplant operations take about 6 hours depending on the transplant plan.

Hair transplant operations are performed under local anesthesia.

No, because the patient will under local anesthesia during the operation.

The doctor decides if the patient is suitable for hair transplant after the examination. According to the type and severity of hair loss, the operation may be recommended or not. However, there is no specific age range for hair transplant.

We recommend waiting at least 6 months for the unaffected area, 1 year for the transplant area.

PRP-assisted hair transplant offers successful results. PRP helps tissue healing after surgery and contributes to hair growth. For more information, you can check our PRP page.

We protect the grafts taken from the donor area, inside a special, cold solution that provides ideal conditions before the transplant.

In micro FUE method, hair roots are extracted from the scalp or other suitable areas in body, one by one as follicular units, with micromotors that has special, 0,6-0,8 mm punch ends, without any scars or stitches. The extracted roots are implanted into the hairless areas. With micro FUE method, the roots can be directed as desired and thus, a natural look can be achieved. Because of patient comfort and successful results it provides, FUE method is the most preferred one.

Your doctor can gain more information about your hair condition if your hair is long in pre-examination. For this reason, it is recommended that you come to the examination without cutting your hair.

It is safe to use prior to the operation. When you come for examination, your doctor will give you information on suitable treatments for protecting your existing hair or hair treatments you may need.

You should stop drinking alcohol and drugs, as they can affect the medicine used for local anesthesia during the operation. After the operation, you should not drink alcohol in the time that you take antibiotics.

A rapid healing process is observed after hair transplant with the micro FUE method.

Red spots and scabs are seen in the donor area after the operation. After 15 days, scabs disappear and both areas gain a normal look.

After 2 months, your hair will start to grow. Between 4-6st months, the growth will quicken and at the 6th month the half of the result can be seen. In 12-18 months, you can see the full results.

Shock hair loss refers to the period in the first 2 months when you experience hair loss. After this period, the hair begins to grow permanently.

For detailed information, please refer to our FUE page. Immediately after surgery, you may feel a mild swelling and pain. For 15 days after the operation, you should wash your hair according to the suitable procedure explained to you. In 15 days, the tissues in donor and transplant areas heal considerably and appear normal. 12-18 months after the operation, the hair growth in transplant area is completed.

You can continue your daily activities and work 2-3 days after the surgery.

Please keep in mind that the scabs will disappear after 12-15 days.

Read the instructions in our after FUE page carefully. In short, during the first 15 days, you should not do any physical activities that may cause sweating. You can do sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, and swimming after one month.

The doctor will give you information on suitable treatments after the surgery. If you are going to use minoxidil, it is recommended you start after the scabs disappear and the tissue is healed completely.

You can shorten your hair with scissors or a machine after one month. We recommend that you wait 6 months before using razors.

If you feel an itch, you can use antihistamine medications as your doctor recommended.

You may feel a slight pain after surgery, the doctor prescribes painkillers that you may use.

After the operation, in the first 2-3 months, it is normal to see small lesions that seem like pimples in the transplant area, they will disappear naturally. Please do not try to treat these pimples. If they bother you too much, contact us for further recommendations.