Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow Transplant With FUE method

Eyebrows are one of the most defining features of a person's face. Repeatedly plucking the eyebrows, permanent makeup, some diseases, and chemotherapy are some of the causes for eyebrow loss. We make eyebrow transplant in the areas that eyebrow loss has occurred, using FUE method.

"A state of art method in Eyebrow Transplant."

We use FUE method, which is also used in hair transplant, for eyebrow transplant. However, we use a different technique for eyebrow transplant. Eyebrow growth direction is very different from the hair. We open different channels at the start, middle and end of eyebrows, in line with the natural growth direction, and try to achieve a natural look.

What are the steps for eyebrow transplant using FUE method?

1.Preliminary examination: Surgeon, Dr. Taner Korkut and his team examine the person who will undergo the treatment. Eyebrow design is done according to the specific characteristics of the patient.

2.Extracting the eyebrows: Eyebrow roots are extracted with manual FUE method, using the thinnest punches.

3.Opening channels in eyebrow area: The channels are opened according to the eyebrow design.

4.Implanting the eyebrows: The eyebrows are implanted one by one into the channels that have been opened. The medicine that should be used is given to the patient.

5.Examination: The next day, the dressing is removed and eyebrows are examined.

6.Washing: Eyebrows are washed at the 2nd day.

7.End: The eyebrow care that should be applied for 10 days after the operation is explained to the patient and the products she should use are given to her.