Before FUE

Before FUE

Preoperative Considerations

Health Problems

Please inform us about your health problems and the drugs you use in pre-interview step or before hair transplant operation. You should consult your doctor regarding your chronic illnesses and the drugs you use.


You should stop taking aspirins or other blood thinners at least 3 days prior to hair transplant operation.

1 Day Prior to the Hair Transplant

Do not consume alcohol. Because the drugs used for local anesthesia are disposed of through liver faster for patients who consume alcohol. In this case, we may need to administer a lot of anesthetic drugs, frequently during the procedure.

As with each operation, smoking lowers the chances of success. Smoking causes the veins in the scalp to shrink and not carry enough blood. Therefore, it is harmful to smoke one day prior to the operation and the next ten days after the operation.

Hair Transplant Operation Day

First, take a bath. You won't be able to wash your hair for two days after the operation.

Suitable Clothes for FUE Operation

Operation may take approximately 6-7 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to wear something comfortable. You should not touch the transplant area after the operation. Therefore, it is recommended to wear button-up shirts or sweatshirts with zipper. It is not recommended to wear t-shirts.

Preparation Before FUE Operation

During the FUE Operation

Jaw movements could affect the hair transplant process. Therefore,