Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Beard and Mustache With FUE method

Who is suitable for beard and mustache transplant?

The beard and mustache transplant is suitable for men whose beard or mustache do not grow appropriately, who lost facial hair due to burning, or have asymmetric beards or mustaches.

Which methods are used in beard transplant?

For beard transplant, the roots that are extracted with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method are implanted into the beard or mustache area with a specific geometric design in mind. With this method, the patient can have a natural, vibrant and symmetric beard.

What are the steps for beard transplant using FUE method?

The steps are similar to the hair transplant.

Preliminary examination is always done by our doctor and the skin condition and the donor area are examined. It is determined if the patient is suitable for the treatment and possible results. Sketch is made. Under anesthesia, the facial hair that is extracted with FUE method is implanted into the beard or mustache area. Then the area is covered with dressing and the patient is given medicine that he will use. The dressing is changed next day. The beard is washed on the second day and the patient is explained how he should wash and care for his beard for 10 days. The products that he should use is given to him as a package.

Within ten days after the transplant operation, the beard will gain a natural look. The patient can shave on the 15th day.