After Fue

After Fue

Hair Transplant Post-Op Instructions

Immediately After the FUE Operation - First Night
After the FUE operation, the donor area will be covered with dressing. A forehead band is applied to reduce the swelling after the operation.

It is normal to experience redness and scabs on the transplant area Usually they are healed within 15 days.

When the anesthesia is reversed after the procedure, there may be swelling, mild pain, and itching sensation in the treatment area. To reduce these problems, your doctor will give you painkillers and necessary medication after the hair transplant.

After the operation, lying on a flat surface with your head lifted higher, will reduce the swelling. For this purpose, you will be given a travel pillow with a neck support as a gift.

1st Day
After the procedure, the dressing in the donor area is removed and the area is cleaned. Transplant area is examined.

3rd Day
Wash your hair with the special lotion and shampoo we prescribed as explained before. Washing your hair in a way that is explained to you will help the scalp heal and eliminate the scabs.

5-7th Day
At the 5-7th day after the operation, the transplanted hair becomes stronger and does not fall by touch. You should avoid hurting the affected area. During this period, you can feel an itching sensation. This is perfectly normal and should be regarded as a sign of healing.

15-30th Day
In 2-3 weeks, you will look completely normal and the transplanted hair will look exactly like your natural hair.

1-3 Months
You will experience hair loss in the transplant area, also known as shock loss, and immediately afterwards the transplanted hair will start to grow.

4-6 Months
Hair growth speeds up at the 4th month and approximately at the 6th month, you can see the half of the result expected from the operation.

6 - 12 Months
The transplanted hair continues to grow in this period and the hair gradually gets stronger.

12-18 Months
Within 18 months, you will see the final results of the hair transplant operation. The process will be completed and you will be able to see 100% of the transplanted hair.